Bex & Bex Metro

Introducing Bex and Bex Metro - the customizable tile collections from Avant Decor! Create a stunning, one-of-a-kind design with our mix-and-match capabilities. Whether you prefer hexagon or rectangular subway tiles, our collections offer the same qualities that make Avant Decor stand out. Each tile features faux grout that adds depth and realism, helping you achieve a real tile finish without the hassle of traditional installation.

Choose from our wide selection of colors, wood-look, and stone-look variations. Bex is available in the hexagon shape, while Bex Metro comes in the rectangular subway tile shape. Bex Metro is available in two versatile sizes and two finishes - satin and glossy - offering even more design flexibility.

Our tiles are suitable for any interior design aesthetic, whether you're going for a modern, contemporary, eclectic, farmhouse, rustic, minimalist, or any other style. The hexagon shape adds a unique touch to any space, while the rectangular subway tile shape adds a classic touch. The variety of finishes and textures allows you to achieve the look you want, whether you're going for a rustic wood look or a glossy modern finish.

Our tiles are made with high-quality materials, ensuring they are durable and long-lasting. Plus, our easy-to-install peel-and-stick technology makes it simple to achieve a professional-looking design. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional designer, Bex and Bex Metro make it easy to create a custom wall design that will elevate any room.

Upgrade your home décor with Avant Decor's Bex and Bex Metro tile collections today! Choose the hexagon shape of Bex for a unique look or the rectangular subway tile shape of Bex Metro for a classic touch. Whether you prefer a wood-look, stone-look, or solid color variation, our collections offer the variety and quality that you deserve.