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Bex - Wood Collection

Bex - Wood Collection

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Beautiful, realistic and versatile Bex by Avant hexagon tiles were made to DIY and easily transform any space into a designer space.

No grout, no mess, no hassle. Simply peel and stick your Bex tiles to apply and enjoy a beautifully updated kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, or entryway. 

SINGLE TILE DIMENSIONS: 6” x 6.9”, 2.3 mm thick, .22 square foot coverage

BOX OF 30 DIMENSIONS: 6.5 sq. ft. coverage

Product features

At Avant Decor, we're passionate about helping you bring your interior design vision to life with high-quality and easy-to-install wall tiles. Our wide selection of realistic and stylish options offers endless possibilities to transform any space.

✓ 100% Waterproof ✓ Durable ✓ Easy to clean ✓ Heat, stain and scratch resistant


Total Square Footage (Sq. Ft.)

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How to install

  • Prep your surfaces
  • Measure and mark
  • Lay out the tiles (Get creative!)
  • Cut and trim
  • Peel and stick!

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Care Guide

Using a damp cloth with a gentle cleaning solution (50/50 cleanser and water),  wipe clean. For grease build-up or difficult stains, allow your cleaning solution or non-abrasive cleanser to sit for a few minutes before wiping.

Avoid abrasive brushes, scouring pads, and harsh chemicals and cleansers.

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Authentic Tile Finish

Our meticulously crafted tiles replicate the natural beauty of ceramic, wood, metal and stone materials, providing a realistic touch that elevates your space with the charm of authenticity.

No grout. No glue. No hassle.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Superb quality, stick very well.

I bought these to complete my DIY master bath refresh. Looks amazing, I feel like I got a brand new bathroom!


Just put them up yesterday and they are so cute! I originally chose the honey and the antique color in hopes of choosing one color and returning the other but they looked great together so I kept them both. Very easy to cut. Once you get it on the wall though that's it. If you try to remove it the sticker part gets left on the wall.

They won't come back off once stuck to my wall

 Place them carefully because they won't come back off after they're stuck to the wall. At least mine didn't hahah. Otherwise I was happy with them


Purchased 2 boxes of dex "honey" hexagon 6x6.9" stone composite tile by Avant Decor ("AD"). They were well packed and easy to unpack which is such a pain with many online ordered products. Tiles were perfect. They are a food solid quality--not flimsy, won' flop. They are thin so that they won't stick out on my wall project. I'm not using for a backsplash but for one wall on my kitchen island, the sitting side, as it is plain drywall and faces the family room. I also purchased other AD hexagon tile boxes--1 from their color collection in an aloe color and 1 other of their wood look in antique to use as color accents in the wall. I also have a separate but near the kitchen built on desk alcove where I will be using the tile. I laid tile out in the floor to make my pattern. I haven't stuck them up yet as I have to sand my walls down some since they have a stucco look coating (skip trowel). But I m excited to finish and finally get rid of plain and vanilla! I'm confident these tiles will work well--not so confident in may skill though.

Very nice clean tiles.

 These have a great sticky back holds super well.make sure your ready where they go.. they don't come off easy. They cut well with scroll saw.