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Hana Mother of Pearl

Hana Mother of Pearl

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Inspired by the beautiful beaches of the Pacific, the Hana Mother of Pearl Tile Sheet features genuine mother of pearl shaped into a micro subway mosaic tile sheet.

Tile or Tile Sheet: Tile Sheet
Square feet per box: 7.75 Sq. Ft.
Pieces per box: 8
Material: Mother of Pearl

Product features

At Avant Decor, we're passionate about helping you bring your interior design vision to life with high-quality and easy-to-install wall tiles. Our wide selection of realistic and stylish options offers endless possibilities to transform any space.

✓ 100% Waterproof ✓ Durable ✓ Easy to clean ✓ Heat, stain and scratch resistant


Total Square Footage (Sq. Ft.)

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How to install

  • Prep your surfaces
  • Measure and mark
  • Lay out the tiles (Get creative!)
  • Cut and trim
  • Peel and stick!

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Care Guide

Using a damp cloth with a gentle cleaning solution (50/50 cleanser and water),  wipe clean. For grease build-up or difficult stains, allow your cleaning solution or non-abrasive cleanser to sit for a few minutes before wiping.

Avoid abrasive brushes, scouring pads, and harsh chemicals and cleansers.

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Authentic Tile Finish

Our meticulously crafted tiles replicate the natural beauty of ceramic, wood, metal and stone materials, providing a realistic touch that elevates your space with the charm of authenticity.

No grout. No glue. No hassle.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Beautiful, stone peel and stick tiles!

These peel and stick tiles worked perfectly to spruce up my master bathroom. Not only is the quality amazing, but they’re very easy to install. Plus, it’s a LOT less expensive and so much easier compared to doing individual real tiles that require using grout and special tools to cut the tiles.

randi klaber
They're as described

Hard to cut need a tile cutter

Very good solution to old backsplash without hiring a tile guy. But not all that much cheaper

These are a bit harder to install than I thought, but mostly because my old walls weren’t straight so I had to do some very creative cutting and snapping of individual squares. I also had a few “whoops” of my lines not lining up, but I used some matching ready mix grout to fill in so less noticeable. Had two fully wasted pieces (which made me cuss out myself due to cost) because I didn’t place quite perfectly and once they were half on, they literally were stuck to the point I had to damage them to pull back off. I guess that is good on the ones I placed correctly figuring they are on for eternity! Please note my edges would have been horrible had it not been for some plastic edge sticks that I also found on Amazon. I painted those to match my cabinets and glued them with construction adhesive. Then caulked the lines and did touch up paint. By the time I was done with this and everything I had to do to make it close to perfect, I MIGHT have been better off hiring a tile guy. But still it was a good solution and cool looking.