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Sintra Tile Sheet

Sintra Tile Sheet

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Inspired by Portugal's whimsical landmark buildings, the Sintra Tile Sheet features an overlapping narrow herringbone pattern.

Tile or Tile Sheet: Tile Sheet
Square feet per box: 7.75 Sq. Ft.
Pieces per box: 8
Material: Aluminum

Please note, this is a close-out item and will not be restocked. For your project's success, we strongly recommend purchasing your entire project quantity at one time and including extra overage in your square footage calculations to ensure completion. Once it's gone, it's gone for good.

Product features

At Avant Decor, we're passionate about helping you bring your interior design vision to life with high-quality and easy-to-install wall tiles. Our wide selection of realistic and stylish options offers endless possibilities to transform any space.

✓ 100% Waterproof ✓ Durable ✓ Easy to clean ✓ Heat, stain and scratch resistant


Total Square Footage (Sq. Ft.)

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How to install

  • Prep your surfaces
  • Measure and mark
  • Lay out the tiles (Get creative!)
  • Cut and trim
  • Peel and stick!

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Care Guide

Using a damp cloth with a gentle cleaning solution (50/50 cleanser and water),  wipe clean. For grease build-up or difficult stains, allow your cleaning solution or non-abrasive cleanser to sit for a few minutes before wiping.

Avoid abrasive brushes, scouring pads, and harsh chemicals and cleansers.

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Authentic Tile Finish

Our meticulously crafted tiles replicate the natural beauty of ceramic, wood, metal and stone materials, providing a realistic touch that elevates your space with the charm of authenticity.

No grout. No glue. No hassle.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
So Nice

These tiles are so nice and stylish. I need a heavy duty scissors to cute though it so their made of good material. Another option can be to pick apart pieces to align the floor your own way.

Glad I took the chance

These are EXACTLY what I was looking for. If your looking for a MATTE WHITE stick-on tile, these are perfect! I've been looking for about two years and am soo happy I found these. They are true white (not too warm or cold - they match the untinted white directly from the can that's on my wall). They do not look like stone, nor do they look like what you think of when you hear 'stone composite ' but they look more like a matte ceramic. Of course they are thinner than ceramic but are thicker than the cheap stick-on options. I could definately use some more practice because you can see some seems, but I think it's fine. I cut the tiles with a sheetrock knife and then snapped them and then cut along the back to break the seam. If I were doing a larger project I definately would have gotten my saw out and used blue tape on the seam to keep the cut clean. I finished the edges with a stick-on tile edging that I applied over the time for added thickness which also worked great. I plan to complete the project with a bead of caulk. I definately would recommend these, but the return policy isn't great, so make sure to measure twice, buy once!